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>> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> we want to talk about the traffic and the weather. >> let us get down to business. we have a hurricane to talk about. we have some strong storms by this afternoon potentially. there is a front that is to our west. there is a front to our north. some warm and humid air which means volatile conditions which usually means thunderstorms by this afternoon. partly cloudy skies about monday in central maryland. -- about 90 in central maryland. >> we have a few problem starts -- spot. we have been talking about westbound i-70 past route 29. the truck fire is now out. it is off to the side and no major delays with that one. not seeing many delays. the drive * look good. -- the drive times good. we are looking at a nice ride as well. that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you. a to alarm fire ripped through a baltimore county apartment complex. >> it happened in essex affecting a total of 16 units. our reporter is live at the scene with more details. >> good morning. among those displaced, 21 adults and nine children. the fire started in un
their republic i. >> being a correctional officer is very hard work. it is dangerous for us coming out every night to going home and being in the public. >> it regardless of the motive, but the president of the union that represents the correctional officer has harsh words for the person who ended the working moms life with three shots, one to the head, the neck, and the arm. >> we hope law enforcement find the perpetrator of this horrendous crime and that person be given the death penalty. >> a scholarship fund is being developed in her honor. back to you. >> thank you. local leaders are helping taxpayers save $1.6 million in an effort to close the state budget gap. gov. o'malley project for $3,100 to the state for what he says represents 10 days worth of his salary. ademac did the same as well as mike busch and others and they are encouraging other lawmakers to do the same spirit . a local politician is reimbursing the police. police officers boarded the boat until jon cardin popped the question to his fiancee anearlir this month. he reimbursed the city $300 for his use of police resources
>> thank you for joining us. we will get a check on traffic and weather together. the morning commute may be better than the evening commute as far as the weather is concerned. >> yes. we are starting off with clear skies. we will have some thunderstorms this evening. let's take a look at our satellite picture right now. some heavier clouds are out to the west. 72 degrees at bwi. 77 degrees at ocean city. waking up to 75 degrees. 85 degrees by lunchtime. by dinner time, those rain showers and thunderstorms start to roll in. they start off isolated. then there will increase in their coverage. tomorrow, we will do it all over again. >> of canada. -- ok. >> the morning commute is looking pretty good so far. we have an accident in glen burnie. an alternate is ritchie highway or 97. they hope to have that cleaned up by 7:00 today. both plans to shut down. we will see if that happens. the water main break at bellaire road at plummer avenue. the alternate is going to be hartford road. northbound 83, the harrisburg expressway, an accident involving a car and a dump truck. a few things
>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. >> today we will be dry again. upper 80's. not quite as hot as it is today. partly cloudy. 84-87. a possible isolated thunderstorms today. this is a tropical storm danny. not very organized. 773 miles east to ocean city. it is still moving in the direction of the east coast. we will be on the good side of this thing if it is a hurricane by late saturday and sunday. >> thank you. >> major roads are looking good. no delays at this time. we have some sort of closures along how offered -- harvard road due to police activity is closed. dealing with closures along utah street because of a gas main break repair. saratoga is blocked in the area of green street due to the water main break repairs. all lanes are closed in both directions. take pennsylvania asher alternates to utah. -- as your alternate to utah. this is a live view of the beltway up for the west. the delays to report on the north side. that is the late as. back to you both. >> shooting involving one of their>> police tell us a woman was inj
lanes of traffic and cut it down to two. they will cut us off from the waterfront. >> the governor says the light rail will be nearer and quieter. >> it would improve housing values and the desirability of neighborhoods. >> the arguments in favor of moving the red line to the will one area is to make access to one building easier. reporting live, wbal-tv. >> that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. what do you think of the city's red line light rail plan? email us your response to >> community members took to the streets last night joining police as part of a national call to stand up to crime and violence in their neighborhood. it was nationalized out. it put people in police wiwho ae there to keep them safe. >> numerous people are coming up to the officers talking to them about problems in the neighborhood. that is what we want. >> it teaches them at a young age what it is about. they note the officers are here to the us and help fight crime in the community. >> some of the events served as recruiting opportunities for baltimore police. they recei
>> good morning, everybody. will the back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. -- welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. let's get a check on the weather. >> it is going to be warm today. check it out real quick. we are dealing with temperatures in the low 70's across the board. a 73 degrees downtown. mostly sunny skies. sun setting tonight at 7:48. it will be up shortly. >> with the dry heat, there is a dress what that goes along with it. >> basically. >> we have some accidents. one is blocking 295 pion northbound i-95. -- 295 on northbound i-95. we will continue to monitor this situation and let you know how it develops. we had an accident on 50 on the bay bridge on the westbound direction. that has just been cleared. traffic is going well from the eastern show over the bridge -- eastern shore over the bridge. howard is your alternate in the mulberry area. manhole covers blew off and we are dealing with closures there. that is the latest on tropical 11 -- that is the latest. back to you. >> senator ted kennedy has died last night after his battle with b
it. >> get used to it. >> exactly. >> after yesterday's storm, dealing with some problem spots related to the storm. plus an accident coming in in the city. let's update you on that. along green spring at deer pen lane. that is at druid hill park. use extra caution there this morning. that accident just coming in to us. pass deania, bedford shut down -- pasadena, bedford road shut down at granada. delaware avenue shut down between howard and whitehall road, due to flooding. a lot of leftover problems from yesterday. a live view of traffic, howard county. 95 both north and southbound running smoothly in the area of 100. we're looking at a pretty nice ride on 97 so far just south of the beltway. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> thank you. our big story, having a lead foot in baltimore county could soon cost you. >> the county council will hear legislation later tonight on whether to approve speed cameras. police say they are ready for the additions. 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti joins us live outside baltimore county police headquarters with more deta
to the west used to isolate libya. he was released on compassionate grounds after recently being given only a few months to live. scottish law allows prisoners to be shown compassion but many family members of the victims are outraged including one here in maryland. >> he brutally murdered 270 people, i see no tron grant him any amnesty. and that's what this amounts to. he's going home to his family. not to another prison or even a hospital there. >> the family says they are still trying to work through their grief and reeling from the decision, one they don't think they will ever understand. >> tom ridge says he was pressured by former members of president george w. bush's cab note raise the terror alert level before the 2004 presidential election and he said he objected to raiseing the security level despite the urging of donald rumsfeld and ashcroft. it was a video released and president bush left the terror alert unchanged. >> 14 days is what you have left to change trade in your old car for the cash for clunkers program. >> call it a cash for clunkers selloff this weekend. >> move fast
>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. we have a look at the day's forecast. >> you are going to be a little sweaty up there. a high of about 90 degrees today. it is august, what else do you expect? we will not have showers until tomorrow afternoon as a front is going to pass through here. a week high pressure is holding up today. we are starting at 76 degrees downtown. 70 degrees in general on the eastern shore. 87 degrees-91 degrees today. the southerly winds are in affect. in least we do not have any threat with rain on the roadways. >> traffic is a lot lighter these days. we are not dealing with any problems. yesterday we did not accumulate any delays. we are enjoying it. no incidents to report at this hour which is good. we of looking at speed sensors. everything is up to speed right now. 11 minutes on the absolute -- outer loop. a seven minute ride on a 95 southbound -- a 95 southbound. -- 895 southbound. 95 and harford county looking good out of the bel-air, at edgewood area. back to you hear it >> -- back to you. >> one couple da
to use a single drop of gas. >> it is expected in showrooms next year costing around $40,000. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. would you pay $40,000 fpr a car that gets 230 miles per gallon? email us your response to very impressive. >> it is a good-looking car. >> coming up, a new diabetes test could be available in the u.s. helping thousands of people save money each year. >> women who suffer from ovarian cancer has improvements. >> and disabled vehicle on the north side. overall, a good ride. what are you doing for lunch? how about beer-battered shrimp and chips... or one of our coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combinations? eight dishes that fit into your lunch hour... starting at just $6.99. at red lobster. >> top of the morning to you. it is 72 degrees. cloud cover today bookkeepers into the mid 80's. a low pressure is churning through our west at 85 degrees- 80 degrees. the orioles will take on oakland. it will be mostly cloudy. it should be good today. that is it for now. more coming up. >> in this morning's "medical alert" a lice
travel. route 1 which is bellaire road is shut down due to some wires this morning. use hartford road. there is a problem involving an accident near nottingham. looking good overall on the rest of the major roadways. and a water main break near mlk. you can see the northeast corner of picking up in volume. we may see some more delays as people had back-to-school this morning. here is a live view of 895. light rail is not operating to gilroy due to a power outage. back to you. >> police officers -- an police officer is on administrative leave with more after he shot and killed a suspect. >> police just issued an arrest warrant for the suspect in several robberies in the past week. when a police tried to arrest the suspect, the situation turned deadly. the evening ended in violence. it started with a call for a robbery at the m&t bank of around 1/6 yesterday evening. it sounded very familiar to police. >> the description of the suspect was one matching that of a robbery on saturday. robbery detectives had applied for award for a suspect. >> police suspect a same man about 50 years old d
>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. time to get a check of our weather and traffic. >> the first batches. to get through and then another badge will get through later on. -- the first batch is going to get through and then another batch will get through later today. most of the activity is to the south and east of the city. let us take a look at our current temperatures. 75 degrees downtown, 72 degrees at the airport. our highest in the low 80's zero around the airport plans to cloud cover. enjoy the cooler temperatures while you can because it will get warmer this weekend. >> there are some early morning accident. in jessup, there is an accident there. we are looking at some other problems such as the transformer fire on courtney wrote. this accident is gone off the inner loop of the beltway. there are ongoing water main break repairs which caused delays yesterday and is expected to do the same today. here is a live view outside. 95 at the fort mchenry looking pretty good. the toll plaza is looking good as well. volume is building
>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to the 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. we will get a check on weather and traffic. >> we have a little bit of patchy fog right now. that will start to burn off. that is the good news. it is going to be humid again throughout the afternoon. the radar is clear across maryland. that is the news. we hope to see some sunshine and a bit later on this morning. the temperatures are holding steady in the upper 70's. it may be clouded by lunchtime. we may have scattered thunderstorms around dinnertime. we are watching it very closely. >> it is not raining right now which is good for commute. the roads are wet. watch out for that when you are driving this morning. we are seeing some problems on the north side of the beltway. an accident on the inner loop of the beltway past hartford roadblock in the right lane. we have a downed tree blocking harford roads in both directions in glen arm. the alternate is going to be bel air road. traffic lights still out on ritchie highway. the outer loop of the beltway on the north side is looking prett
know to stop music when we're going on the air now. >> i'm going to hum us in next time. >> hum? do you remember what it sounds like? >> vile to think about that. >> it wakes you up. we have a lot going on weather-wise. the tropics are firing up. this weekend was like the weekend. we had the first hurricane of the season. first, our nice, calm weather conditions here. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. a high of 92 forecast for central maryland today thanks to that bermuda high and a nice ridge of high pressure over the mid-atlantic. winds light and out of the southwest. tropical storm clawed sethe still around -- claudette is still around. it made landfall last night. this is impressive. this is hurricane bill. 75 mile-per-hour sustained winds in the atlantic. details on where it's headed in a little bit o -- a little bit. >> a great morning commute. let's check the area roads. you can see we're still up to speed, though we are getting a bit sluggish on the southbound j.f.x. volume builds around the area. you can see as far as our drive times go, not looking at a whole lot. you're looking
basara. thank you for joining us, we're going to get a look at weather and traffic and we've been talking like snoop dogg. >> perhaps we should stop because we have no idea what we're saying so if it's something bad we don't know. >> i was cracking up at his quote defense is superofficial. >> deep thoughts of snoop. i think it's a food omen for the team. i think things are looking up this year. as far as your weather things are looking up this friday. mostly sunny skies. take a look at water vapor imagery, you can see a dry swath of air. mostly sunny skies , 80-85, winds northwest 5-10 miles an hour. overnight partly cloudy skies , 64-67 with winds shifting to the south west and anytime we have a southerly flow that means warmer conditions. so hotter into the weekend. >> i'm going to do this in regular speak. >> ok. >> we have got a couple road repairs that could throw a kink into your morning commute. first of all a watermain break cleaned up but road repair going on between roland and falls road also road repairs in the city charles street closed between center street and reid street go
basara. thanks for joining us. we're going to get a check on weather and traffic together. hope everybody had a nice weekend. >> the high school football kind of weekend. >> and it flies by. >> yeah. >> tips the season. yeah, and the ravens playing tonight, and they're going to have a nice night for the game. going to be mostly clear and comfortable, because the dew points are going to lower today. it was so tropical over the weekend and soupy, but things much improved this morning, with the exception of southern maryland. let's look at our h.d. doppler radar now. basically a very strong patch of showers and storms to the south of baltimore, really over virginia, but approaching southern maryland. there's also a strong storm to the north of ocean city this morning. but in baltimore, central maryland, high pressure's really going take over, so i don't think we'll see the rain. we're actually going to see mostly sunny skies today once this thing gets through here this morning. let's take a look at our current temperatures. temperaturewise this morning, 72 downtown. 69 at the airport. 70 on
>> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. we will get a quick on weather and traffic. it is slick and the roadways. >> we had some heavy downpours less night. -- last night. a chance of showers and storms today. there is a flash flood watch for northeastern maryland and on the eastern shore. the 70's of the eastern shore. they got significant amounts of precipitation yesterday. today's forecast, some people will not even get a shower. we will be well below normal consistently. >> we will take. >> there was enough rain to create a problem, the harrisburg expressway. it was blocked, but now it is open. the tractor-trailer is cleared. be careful as the roads are slick. no major delays to report and no other incidences. you drive * look good. here is a live look at traffic. no problems to report what you get to the j.f.x. and everything running smoothly. not much is happening at the fort mchenry or the toll plaza. the harbor tunnel looks good. back to you. >> thank you. our big story this morning, a community activists struck by a stray bullet was sitting in her home. >> she is using
. does the start of the school year have you concerned about the spread of h1n1 swine flu virus? email us at send us your response. >> nearly two dozen neglected dogs are getting much-needed attention this morning after they were found living in deplorable conditions. they were removed from an annabelle county home on friday. neighbors complained of a foul smell. animal control officers found 21 sick and malnourished dogs. the dogs are recovering at the county animal silda. the county executive john leopold play it -- paid a visit. >> it is recommended individual citizens wanting the dockgs see them in a rescue shelter for a little while for spirit >> the county said the animal welfare council would be sent to make sure the policies were in effect. no charges filed against the owners. but the home has been condemned and the owners given two weeks to fix health and safety violations. >> it is tough to hear stories like that. >> , a lot of those cases lately. still ahead, one lucky boy got the ride of a lifetime. why is thursday landed his dad in the spotlight. >> fe
. it will take a look at how it is affecting us today. >> it is not quite as bad today as sister live. ocean city, it had a heat index that was very high. 94 degrees with our high. today, it is a few degrees cooler. we are heading into the low 90's. 77 degrees downtown. a heart -- a hot start today in ocean city of around 80 degrees. a front is approaching. >> we have one weather related problem which we will get to later. southbound 295 there is an accident. northbound i-95. there is a report of a vehicle fire. it is blocking the right lane right now. the bulk of the volume is coming southbound towards the sea washed for some southbound delays. there is a water main break. a downed tree on old york road. volume is still on the light side. here is a live view of the west side. this is another portion of 95. will be updating you on a northbound i-95. that is the latest. back to you. >> our big story this morning, health care reform has brought a heated debate across the nation. >> senator ben cardin landed an ear to protesters yesterday. our reporter is live with more on the story. >> good morning
sponsorship doesn't seem to be in the bidding yet. that brings us to our "water cooler question of the day." what do you think of a mom auctioning off her child's name? the only problem is someone that might bid the highest bid and give the child a real weird name. 5:37. 75 degrees on tv hill. >> there's a new zero calorie sweetener on the market. >> plus, are you feeling lonely? you are not alone. the number of people feeling the blues is increasing. >> and we're getting a check on your morning commute. one accident of note in columbia. we hear it involves a motorcycle. and a medical call on southbound i-95 as we >> welcome back to "11 news today. " it is 79 degrees and pretty steamy already downtown. probably going to go up in the mid to upper 90's in the metropolitan area today. even a high of 96 out at airport today. definitely the hottest day of the year. 96 at the harbor. today even hotter. plenty of sun, hazy, hot, humid, and slight chance of a thunderstorm late in the afternoon. unhealthy air quality in the metropolitan area today. so take it easy if you have to be outside for any
reason statement by vick by week six at the latest. that brings us to our "water cooler question of the day." what do you think of the philadelphia eagles' decision to re-sign michael vick? >> a former howard county school employee will spend 16 months behind bars. robert douglas john ston plead guilty to having a two-year relationship with a 15-year-old -- now 17-year-old -- student. he has been a howard county school employee for 40 years. >> the time now 35:37. -- 5:37. you pro probably know how much doing nothing can affect your health? >> plus, can't seem to wake up in the morning zph -- morning? >> this is more like you. do you sleep for three hours and feel like the energizer bunny when you wake up? >> some people can function on a few hours of sleep and others can not. >> as far as your morning commute, it looks pretty good right now. not seeing any delays and no >> 73 degrees downtown. there is a little patchy fog around there, and it will be burning off pretty quickly. battle of the beltway decisive last night as the ravends tore up the redskins last night. as far as th
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21